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My passion for designs, art and styling my own home came to one destination and in 2018 I launched The Willow Gray online store. I have been sourcing impeccably stylish, contemporary and beautifully designed products from all over the world.

Working with Designers Guild and the collaborate brands such as French company Christian Lacroix, British company William Yeoward, American company John Derian and English Heritage home accessory collection inspired by England’s extensive design heritage. All brands are unique and beautiful in their own way. The company which has long and deep history of designing timeless style and ethically producing their products is one of the main reasons why I focus working with Designers Guild and their collaborative brand home accessories.

Our aim is to essence on elegant designs, outstanding quality and modernity. Timeless style is a very important value to us, not fast fashion, quantity or quality-but-no-quality produce. Every product is carefully selected, and we range from high quality bed linen, hand stitched quilts, beautiful fabric decorative pillows to finest, handwoven rugs and many more home accessories...

However, with every collection we are striving to be more responsible in our designs. Our mission is to offer home products which are sustainable and ethically sourced, products made from natural fibers and recyclable. Our aim is to offer keep-forever pieces that won’t end up in landfill and cause harm to our planet.

Nowadays we have been working with retail giants, interior designers and private households. Our products can be seen on Mathis, Macy's and The Foschini Group (TFG) home online stores. The Willow Gray has been featured in modern Design magazines and have a great audience and followers across the social media platforms. Currently we operate and sell our products in the US, Canada and South Africa.

I cannot express enough how much thought, attention to detail and customer care goes into every item we offer at The Willow Gray – I hope you’ll love your purchases as much as we do.


Raminta Dargyte, Founder