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Bedding Buying Guide


The Willow Gray believes that the perfect bedroom is a stylish haven that is totally reflective of your personality. It is a room in which you can totally switch off and relax, and what better place to start than your bed itself. We have put together a bed linen and bedding guide to help you choose the right size, style, material and thread count along with tips to care and maintain your new bed line.







As a signifier of quality, thread count is an important term to be aware of when buying bed linen. Quite simply, the higher the thread count the higher the quality. Thread count itself refers to the number of threads in one square inch of fabric – it applies to the warp and weft of each woven thread. Our cotton Astor bed linen, boasts a 400 thread count and our digitally printed bedding has an impeccable 300 thread count so you can rest assured of a perfect night’s sleep.



PURE COTTON Wonderfully breathable, versatile and incredibly durable – cotton is the most widely used fiber for bed linen. Whether printed or plain, it's the definition of timeless elegance.

PURE LINEN Linen is one of the world’s oldest natural fabrics and is covered for its smooth, crisp qualities. It very cleverly helps to keep you warm in Winter and cool in Summer with its beautiful slubby texture. Linen is luxurious and relaxed simultaneously, with no need for pressing – a contemporary and modern solution that is naturally stylish in any setting.



DIGITALLY PRINTED BED LINEN A must-have for any home, 300 thread count, luxury quality cotton sateen bed linen. This contemporary, modern collections are the ultimate in indulgent pure cotton bed linen.

BIELLA BED LINEN Fabulous pure linen bed linen will look naturally stylish in any setting. Make a statement with fashionable shades for a haven that feels luxurious, warm and cosseting.

ASTOR BED LINEN Our customer much-loved Astor design is a mainstay of Designers Guild collections for good reason. Printed on the finest Egyptian cotton 400 thread count percale and featuring double frilled pillowcases with contrasting edges – it is the perfect mix of white and color. Mix it with our prints or keep it classic on its own.



  • To ensure that your bed linen stays crisp and beautiful wash after wash:
  • It is advisable to wash new sheets before putting them on the bed for the first time.
  • Always wash dark colors separately.
  • For most 100% cotton bed linen we recommend to wash at 40ºC and do not leave in the machine overnight, as fading may appear along crease lines.
  • Always follow the washing instructions on the label. Commercial soap powders and detergents may be safely used but avoid detergents containing bleach or optical brighteners as they break down fabric fibers and cause colors to fade.
  • Tumble dry, but avoid over drying as it causes wrinkles to set.