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John Derian

John Derian  - Founder and Creative Director


John Derian Company Inc. was established in 1989. John's decoupage is handmade in his studio in New York City, where he employs a small staff of artisans to assist with production. Since then he has amassed an incredible worldwide following for his unique and innovative collections of decoupage and objects d’art. His designs are sold at upscale home stores, in catalogues, and gift shops worldwide.

Since 1989, he and a small studio of artisans in New York City have been creating glass plates, trays, bowls, and other decorative home items with imagery from his vast and ever-expanding collection of 18th and 19th century prints. His pieces are coveted and collected across the globe.

The relationship between Designers Guild and John Derian Company Inc. is longstanding. We are now delighted to announce the launch of an exclusive new collection of accessories. This versatile collection combines the wealth of textile experience of Designers Guild with the charm of John Derian's signature style.