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Rug Buying Guide



The best way to do this is to start with a floor plan or mood board to help you visualize the space – it's a great way of judging the relationship between the different elements in the room without having to move furniture around. There a number of layouts you might opt for:

LAYER UP AND LET THE COLOUR IN Layering two large rectangular rugs creates the feeling of warmth, depth and texture. You could also layer with round shaped rug.

CLASSIC If your space is smaller and your sofa and armchairs are placed against a wall, the rug should be large enough to fit under the front legs of all pieces.

CONTEMPORARY If your room is large and your furniture, sofa and armchairs are placed in the middle of the room, the rug should be large enough to cover a considerable amount of space between each element.

BEDROOM In a bedroom, place the rug at the foot of the bed or to the side to create clean lines.



You need to consider the space in which the rug will be placed. How much traffic and use does the room get? For example, hallways with high foot traffic will need a more durable fiber, whilst bedroom and living room rugs are less susceptible to heavy wear and tear.

WOOL Wool is the benchmark material for most rugs and carpets; it exudes warmth and has an attractive appearance. Wool is soft, strong and durable and is excellent for absorbing moisture. It has an excellent elasticity and has a natural resistance to dirt, wear and tear. 

COTTON A natural fiber, used mainly as a blend with our fibers for our rugs. Cotton fibers are easy to dye, are very breathable and are easy to wash – making it great for lighter weight rugs.

ACRYLIC Acrylic is a lightweight, soft, warm manmade fiber with a wool-like feel. It is excellent for achieving vivid dye colors and often teamed with wool to achieve vibrancy in color with wool blend rugs.

POLYESTER A manmade fiber with benefits including durability, color fastness and a level of water resistance. Again, polyester is good for achieving vivid color tones.

VISCOSE This fiber has a lovely lustre and softness, which mimics silk and adds shine and depth to rugs.

BAMBOO A form of viscose made from bamboo pulp, is extremely resilient and durable.



Designers Guild, John Derian and Christian Lacroix rugs are all handmade.

Designers Guild Decorative collection consists of gorgeous graphic, geometric, floral, striped and Ombre designs in a multitude of shades and finishes – all perfect for anchoring your design scheme in their own way. For example, if your walls are papered with a tailored, more masculine design, achieve balance via a beautiful floral rug with dramatic flowers, like the Tapestry Flower Damson rug. Or, conversely, if your scheme centers on painterly, romantic elements then opt for a geometric design rug to counter the feeling of pretty. This collection also has the perfect selection of neutral shades and textures with divine details, including shimmering textures in tones of alabaster through to graphite. Designers Guild bestselling Eberson rug with its sublime lusters and subtle color shading is a hugely versatile design – a true statement piece to uplift any room.

Designers Guild gorgeous collection of Decorative rugs add instant style and easy glamour to your room. Choose from a variety of textures - luxurious, hand tufted pure wool or glossy bamboo-viscose to hardwearing deep-pile wool and wool mixes. This collection offers you a broad range of designs and colors in a supreme quality.



View rug samples before choosing the right rug. Simply order some rug samples at the convenience of your home. Rug samples are available for $10 each. Each sample is engineered to show a representative portion of the rug, accurate for color and construction. Please refer to images for overall pattern. Samples are non-refundable.